Vacuum Heat Treatment

3 Vacuum Furnaces
60”L x 42”W x 36”H maximum
Temperature 1000°F ~ 2250°F
Air Hardening Tool Steels
Solution Anneal of Stainless Steels
Precipitation Hardening Steels
Bright Hardening & Annealing
Vacuum Stress Relieving

Carburize & Hardening / Carbonitriding

4 Atmosphere Furnaces
48”L X 30”W x 26”H maximum
Temperature 1400°F ~ 1750°F
Neutral Hardening

Salt Bath Heat Treat

2 Salt Pot Furnaces
Temperature 1400°F ~ 1650°F
16”W x 20”L x 48”deep
Marquench 350°F
Oil Quench
Neutral Hardening for select Tool/Alloy Steels

Stress Relieving / Normalizing

12’L x 6’W x 4’11”H maximum
Temperature 1000°F ~ 1650°F
Various Draw/Temper Furnaces and Sizes
Vacuum Stress Relieving/Normalizing (see Vacuum Heat Treatment)

Vacuum Annealing

60”L x 42”W x 36”H maximum
Temperature 1000°F ~ 2250°F

Flame Hardening

Select Surface Hardening for Steel

Cryogenic Freezing

95”W x 95”L x 26”H maximum
Temperature 96°F to minus 320°F
Shallow Freeze and Deep Freeze capability

Blasting Treatment

Shot Blast
60” x 60” Diameter Shot Blast Area
Maximum Load 2,000 lbs.

Tumble Blast 1.5 cu. ft.
Sand Blasting
Glass Bead Blasting


Straightening to customer requirements