We are currently building up our inventory of CNC Equipment.


ProtoTrak K3 2 axis CNC 3 axis DRO, Travels X, Y and Z: 31" x 16" x 4.9", Table size: 50" x 10"


Victor 1640g 2" Spindle Bore, DRO, Metric/ISO Threading, 3 jaw, 4 jaw, collet chuck. Swing over bed: 16", Swing over cross slide:
9.84", Swing over gap: 23", Bed width: 11", Distance between centers: 40"

Milltronics ML17
CNC Tool Room Lathe


Surface Grinder Taft Peirce 5x10 Tool Room Surface Grinder,

Inspection Equipment

Surface Plate 24"x36",

OtherPin sets, gauge blocks, bore gauges, etc...