Our Machine Shop

Started in 2018 by Ben and his wife in their barn, turned shop, in Gratis, Ohio. Ben ran his first machines in high school 20 years ago. He is a process driven guy on the shop floor. “I’m always changing things. I can’t help but try to get more with less, make it more efficient, make it easier and more repeatable. It’s just how my mind works.”. He has been a CNC technician, an operator and a programmer, working and learning from several different companies.

Small but Powerful

Our attitude is key. If you run your business as a professional, the business can offer professional quality. We still have the same processes found in larger shops. Every job still gets a follower and it still goes through inspections every step of the way. We are nimble, able to operate debt free and adaptable. Not to mention, we really know our customers and their needs. We can keep your project well under budget.

Our Mission is Simple

To provide manufacturers with a machine shop service that is cost competitive while offering accuracy.