We have chosen partners for these outsourced services based on our experience with them while working at other companies in years past. We stand behind their work 100% and even so, every part that is sent out for treatment or finishing goes through our own in-house inspections before being sent to our customers.
Hard Coat Anodizing
(Black or Clear)
Provides exceptional wear resistance with a hard-as-steel finish.
Dyed Anodizing
(Red, Black, Green, Blue, Gold or Clear)
Creates brilliant colors that last. Distinguish your parts
from the competition by using the best UV resistant
dyes that technology has to offer.
Chem Film
(Gold or Clear)
Conversion coating used where increased corrosion resistance, improved
paint adhesion, and low electrical resistance is required.
Powder CoatXXElectrostaticly applied free-flowind powder that is heat cured to create a hard “skin” like finish that is far superior to paint.
ElectropolishXASTM B 912Through a combination of rectified current and a blended chemical
electrolyte bath, electropolishing removes flaws from the surface of a
metal part and produces a brilliant, mirror finish!
Black OxideXAMS-2485
Oxide finishing for steel & stainless steel. A two-tank Dulite solution
provides for deeper penetration giving you a more resilient, richer black
finish that is ready for extended service… all of this with no effect on the
dimensions of your parts.
ASTM A 967
Making a part chemically passive and removing the impurities in the